Introduction to concepts from Kṛtimaṇimālai

The Kṛtimaṇimālai series has been widely acclaimed for its detailed presentation of Carnatic Music compositions of Sri Tyāgarāja, Sri Dīkṣitar, Sri Śyāmā Śāstri, Ksētrajna and many others. Printed first in Tamil in four volumes, 1471 songs in all were shown with detailed solfa notation, rhythm (tāla) markings, rāga lakṣaṇam, free flowing translations annotated with perspective insights of the author, Sri Rangaramanuja Ayyangar.

Later, the first three volumes (compositions of Sri Tyāgarāja and Sri Dīkṣitar) were adapted into English by Smt. Padma Varadan. This series introduced many new features - diacritical accents were used to map the phonetics of words from Indian languages; song lyrics were presented in English and Sanskrit; gamaka markings were used to denote nuances so characteristic of Carnatic music; special svara symbols were used to denote the svara variant in each line of notation etc.

Explore some of the concepts and features in the Kṛtimaṇimālai series through the links on this page. To view samples of notation, click on the links below:

In English:
Sri Tyāgarāja's compositions: Ninu Vinā Sukhamu, Tōdi | Sundari Nī, Kalyāni
Sri Dīkṣitar's compositions: Kṣitijā Ramaṇan, Dēvagāndhāri | Vātāpi Gaṇapatim, Hamsadhvani

In Tamil:
Sri Tyāgarāja's compositions: Ninu Vinā Sukhamu, Todi | Sundari Nī, Kalyāṇi